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    Suse 10 Script and sysconfig file

    I recently install a new suse system. I then attempted to use the rpm to install the slimserver. it mostly works. I can start the server from the /usr/local/bin directory, however the suse 9.3 just doesn't work. Can anyone give me a 10 /etc/init.d/slimserver script and sysconfig file?

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    Me to get an error on get_active_ifaces

    Did check the link
    but that didn't help me much.

    What did you do swissboy68 to get it working?

    My error is
    "./slimserver: line 15: .: /etc/sysconfig/network: is a directory
    ./slimserver: line 22: get_active_ifaces: command not found

    *edit* I'm using SuSE 10.2
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