With XP, it's pretty much impossible for an application (e.g. iTunes or
Slimserver) to cause your machine to bluescreen. BSOD is generally a result
of bad hardware or bad drivers.

A little trick for restarting slimserver... Go to a command line (Start
Menu, Run, type 'cmd'), and type:
net stop slimserver<return>
net start slimserver<returm>
Note: this only works if you're running slimserver as a service.



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Hello again from a three-day-old beginner.

I have found another strange behavior regarding the track play sequence.
I ripped a CD (Apple lossless) by iTunes, and it was ripped and recorded as
on the CD. Checked the folder and it IS filed as 01 xxx, 02 xxx, ,,,,,.
But, when Slimserver is started, it changed the sequence - e.g. 5., 6., 7.,
8., 1., 2., 3., 4., ,,,,etc. Now this is strange. Anyone experienced this?

Also, using Slimserver, XP (SP1) frequently hangs or crashes so that I had
to power down the PC. It seems that it happens when I tried to change the
playlist, re-scan, etc, or any instances when I play with the Slimserver
clicking several actions. Any cure? I don't like too much this situation.

Related, or not. I tried to launch EAC from the brand new PC (iTUnes,
Slimserver are on, but not run), but XP crashes turning to blank screen
immediately followed by that ominous BLUE screen with fine prints, saying
something like "check the hardware drive" or something like that. I am
using Plextor's external USB Premium Plexwriter. I am not sure this is
because of Slimserver, or Plextor, or XP. Has anyone experiencing this?

Thanks. I am becoming a fan of SB, but getting a little uneasy now...