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    Smile New Router

    I'm located in the Netherlands and as end of last year I installed a new router (Netgear WNDR3700) to replace my old router (USRobotics 5461) and a new Squeezeboxworld opened to me!!!!!

    It's stable, it's now a completely new experience to me to be able to listen to music on my Qnap TS-439 Pro and on the internet, without any connection problems which I experienced with my previous router.

    I gave every Squeezebox appliance a fixed IP-address in the router software and since it's playing without a flaw!

    In the past I used to, mostly, curse on Logitech for connection problems with MySqueezebox.com and my Qnap/iTunes library.

    The message here is:
    make sure you have the right tools before pointing the finger at Logitech.

    Happy new year...mine started off all right!

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    Qnap TS-439 Turbo, 4 x 1TB, Raid5
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    And now, after failure to connect to msb.com for several days (29 dec - 4 jan) my Duet is magically reconnecting to msb.com again. Let's see for how long. I will be happy when I spend more time listening to the Duet than I spend troubleshooting it.


    Location: Sweden
    Device: Duet, SB3/Classic
    Network: D-link router (yes, this too sometimes fails, but certainly not responsible for all Squeeze outages).

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    Cool Double Checking is good advise

    But the point is that many of us spend endless hours troubleshooting a problem that Logitech owned and is still owning.
    At least I would have expected some notice on mysqueezebox.com about "possible connectivity issues for some regions"...
    I guess Logitech is NOT reading this forum or learning from the Support center calls.

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