I successfully installed Duet a few months ago. The only real hitch at the time was that it wouldn't connect to my Mac because of the firewall and not having ports 3483 and 9000 open. I'm not exactly a networking ace, but luckily I was running OS 10.4, and there is a crystal-clear page on the Squeezebox Wiki that explains how to fix this in the Mac's firewall control panel. It did what it said and all was well.

Unfortunately, I've just moved up to a new Mac running OS 10.6, and the firewall control panel has changed so that those handy instructions no longer fit. For the time being, my Duet is working. Apparently, Apple's Migration Assistant imported my old firewall settings automatically. However, I'm very uncomfortable with the fact that I have no idea how to turn those ports back on if I need to.

Has anyone plumbed the depths of 10.6 enough to know how to set those ports in the new control panels? Can you give me clear step by step instructions?