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    internet radio problems

    I am having a problem where internet radio won't play using squeezecenter ("cant resolve ip address opml.rad" message) but does work using squeezenetwork. My internet connection is fine, and i can stream music from my library using squeezecenter, but not radio. i have rebooted the computer and reset the squeezebox but no luck. Any ideas??
    Thanks all.

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    A number of people have posted this question without any response. I have exactly the same problem as described, the only way I can play Internet Radio is through mysqueezebox.com. Is that the new program? It's sort of a pain to have to switch just to play the radio. Any one have any ideas? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daverich4 View Post
    .... the only way I can play Internet Radio is through mysqueezebox.com. Is that the new program?.......
    No, that's not how it is supposed to work. You should be able to play all Internet Radio and Music Services through SC and SBS.
    I use both SC and SBS servers and they play fine.
    Could be a DNS issue, try stopping the re-starting your server program and verify your server program has your correct MySB.com login info in Settings > MySqueezeBox
    Beyond that you may need to contact support.

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    The problem with my setup turned out to be the Firewall blocking Squeezebox Server from accessing the Internet. Once I fixed that I got all the Internet menu choices back on the controller as well as actually being able to play the stations.

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