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    How does lossless work?

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    > Subject: [slim] How does lossless work?
    > thanks for all the answers re lossless. I will hopefully
    > soon get the new Naim DVD player accompanied with a Naim AV2
    > processor. This will provide a D2A conversion from the PCM
    > stream for hopefully pretty high quality sounds.
    > Are there any gotchas here that would stop the lossless PCM
    > getting to the D2A converter in the AV2 or problems that
    > anyone forsees with things like jitter?
    > Graham
    > PS I know this may spark a "what's the point" debate (as it
    > did before) but let's not go there as there is no point other
    > than satisfying senseless audiophile curiosity!! :-))

    Hey Graham,

    You don't have to explain yourself to me - I'm currently fighting the urge
    to get a Perpetual Technologies P-3A DAC with an upgrade to Signature II
    status by Modwright. I'm telling myself that there's no point until I
    upgrade the rest of my kit. But that just makes me want to spend more money!

    I'm still at a very early stage in my ripping odyssey - 28 albums done,
    probably another 600 to go! Perhaps when I've finished I'll treat myself to
    a new hifi inc. DAC to celebrate!


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    Greg Pine

    How about a "back" button on the music selection side???

    Have you guys ever been surffing music and wished you could go up a
    level? I could always hit the brouesr button, but the playlist will back
    out a selection too.

    So it would be great for navigation if we could just go back a level.
    Watch it!... I don't mean go from and artist back to the "A's" in a brouse
    section. If you are in the Elton John directory I would like to go back
    the the nav point where I selected Elton.

    I hope I'm not alone on this one.


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    Graham Ridgway at home

    How does lossless work?

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    Subject: [slim] How does lossless work?

    > Hey Graham,
    > You don't have to explain yourself to me - I'm currently fighting the urge

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