Hello everyone,

A while ago I posted an inquiry regarding the digital output of Squeezebox
and the fact that it is variable with the volume control. Since then someone
has written code that allows the user to set it to a fixed output. Very
nice, thank you

Now I have another "feature request" I'd like to see a flag that removes the
volume setting from the UI. My clients keep adjusting it and it need to
always remain fixed so the multi-room audio system that the slimserver is
connected to will ALWAYS poperate properly.

Any other takers???

Many thanks

Richard Glaeser
Music Everywhere, Inc.

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Nice. Here are some issues I see on Safari (Macintosh):

1) the song progress bar appears between the 'Now playing 1 of 11' and the
title of the song. That might be where you want it, but it seems a little
tight there.

2) The 'Volume' box simply shows the word 'Volume'. There seem to be places
that I can click as well, but I don't see anything visual.

3) The 'Browse by' button has labels like "BROWSE_BY_GENRE" and
"BROWSE_MUSIC_FOLDER" rather than the friendlier "Browse by genre", etc.

4) The 'Search for' button has the same problem, with labels like


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