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    Squeezeboxes with other servers

    I was using Squeezecenter on an old laptop hooked up to WD external drive - the music was served to two Squeezeboxes - the first generation wireless and the second generation wireless.

    A hardware freakout has caused my external WD to be unusable/unreadable by any of my machines. As such, I will have to re-rip all of my music. I will take this as a chance to re-rip into a higher bit rate (FLAC lossless I think) than I did the first time around and house the music in a dedicated music server with backup capability.

    Three options I am considering for a dedicated music server:

    VortexBox 1 or 2TB appliance
    XIVA MusicM8
    Olive Opus 4

    My questions -

    1. if I use any of these, can my existing Squeezeboxes link to these servers to serve music in different rooms?
    2. if music is ripped to these servers, can it be exported to a portable (iPod ) device directly or does it have to go through a PC
    3. has anyone in the Slimdevices community had experience with these devices?


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    The Vortexbox appliances are designed to work with SBs. The OS is a variant of Fedora (Linux) and it has Squeezebox Server (SBS) and other useful audio software, including ripping software, already installed. It is a normal PC, designed to be run headless. So it clearly satisfies your #1. As for #2, since it's a normal PC, you should be able to transfer files to a portable player. However, if your iPod requires iTunes then you'll have to do it through a different pc, because there is no iTunes for Linux. Search the forum for a lot of user comments on the Vortexbox appliance, which are generally positive. My server is more or less a DIY version of the Vortexbox appliance: same MSI nettop base, but with no optical drive, more RAM, and a quieter, greener, 2.5" 500GB laptop hard drive. Mine runs Ubuntu.

    As far as I know the Olive will not work with SBs, or if it does, it would require some major hacks to whatever OS it runs. I don't know anything about the MusicM8 device, but I doubt it will work with SBs either. Neither the Olive nor the MusicM8 software use the slimproto protocol, which is what SBs speak.

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