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    thank you from 2019! I just switched my wifi equipment to UniFi (without changing SSID or passwords, so I thought it would be transparent to the clients), and could only get "Problem connecting to library" on my Remote. tried restarting "everything" (turn off/on remote, receiver, server), but the fix was a 10 second reset of the receiver.

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    Logitech Media Server is stopped and can't restart.

    I have my mysqueezebox.com account
    LMS on iMac
    Duet receiver wired to router/modem
    Duet remote connected to my internet

    All was well (I mostly listen to radio) until my router/modem had to be replaced. Of course, I reset Duet receiver & remote, but the Logitech Media Server refuses to start. I uninstalled & reinstalled the server with the same results.

    The remote goes through the setup process until it gets to "scan for players" and it can't find anything. The receiver goes through reset to normal white light. Nothing seems to make the LMS start. HELP! PLEASE!

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