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    Can't connect to Library after switch to new Wifi Router


    I've looked through the Forums but can't find a solution. I've phone Logitech support and they also couldn't help - I've supposedly been 'escalated' and am waiting for a callback but in the meanwhile if anyone can help...

    I have a Duet and two Squeezebox3 players (Firmware 130)

    Squeezebox Server Version: 7.4.1 - r28947

    All was working fine until I recently changed ISP and received a new Wireless router so that my SSID (network name) changed.

    Router is a D-Link DIR-615 Firmware Version : 1.00VG

    The Squeezeboxes had no problem connecting to the new network - I simply told them the new SSID name, gave them the new password and they're working just fine.

    The DUET is the problem - the controller appears to be connected to the receiver just fine (in 'Choose Player' it shows the name of my receiver, as well as the names of the two Squeezebox3 players)
    and going to Settings>Networking>Choose Network it connects to the new SSID/password and shows it is connected to the new wireless network:

    Settings > Advanced > Diagnostics displays the following

    Controller firmware version 7.4.1 r7915

    Wireless network - connected (100% signal)

    My squeezebox.com

    Ping OK

    TCP port 3483 OK

    TCP port 9000 OK

    My squeezebox.com registration - registered

    Squeezebox server - not connected

    Library name - not connected

    and all other below show as 'not connected'


    * it tells me it's connected to the new Wifi network but it doesn't show up as a player in the Squeezebox Server web interface. The problem seems to be connecting to both the Library and squeezebox.com

    If I go to My Music on the home page of the controller it tries to connect to 'MP3s' (the name I'd given to my Library) but then shows the following error message:

    "Can't Connect to Library"

    "We couldn't connect to MP3s. If this problem persists, please check Squeezebox Server to make sure it is running properly, and that you have a reliable network connection"

    Even if I try switching to mysqueezebox.com I get a similar error

    --- Error: "Can't Connect to Library"

    "We couldn't connect to mysqueezebox.com. If this problem persists, please check Squeezebox Server to make sure it is running properly, and that you have a reliable network connection"


    The fact that it can't connect to mysqueezebox.com (although Diagnostic shows squeezebox.com's IP address and Ping OK) seems to imply that the problem isn't with the Squeezebox Server... especially as the two Squeezebox3 players work fine.

    I've obviously tried resetting the receiver and controller (turned off and on, holding the front button until it flashes red. I've also stopped/started the Server, rebooted the PC, etc.

    Anybody got any ideas?

    The only thing I can think of is that somehow the new Wireless router is assigning new IP addresses to the various devices on the network but I just don't know what to do about that or how to check my theory...

    Or maybe the IP address of my Library has changed? Am I correct in assuming that in Advanced>Networking>Remote Libraries>Add New Library the IP address I should enter here is the same as the Squeezebox Server's IP Address? (I've tried that and it doesn't connect)

    Any help much appreciated!
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