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    Unhappy Installing Custom Browse hangs Squeezeboxserver with 100% CPU

    I've been running Squeezecenter/server for years. I run it on a modern Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit Linux server with dual-core CPU and decent specs.

    I upgraded to 7.4 a few weeks ago and immediately ran into trouble. After starting, the Squeezeboxserver process steeply ramps up the CPU and RAM usage, trying to use all RAM and 100% of a CPU-core. The server's performance drops through the floor and the load is so high even killing the process takes minutes. I've also let it run for a day, but it never settles down. The web interface remained unreachable.

    After wiping the full database and reinstalling 7.4.1, I tried installing all used plugins one-by-one and found Custom Browse to be the culprit. Deleting that plugin from the InstalledPlugins dir in the cache made it start up normally again.

    I would love to get Custom Browse working again, but am not sure what more I could try. I've tried deleting the Custom Browse prefs, reinstalled the plugin, but to no avail. No logentries are written before or when it spikes.

    Any thought on how to fix this?

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    Is this the latest CB version (2.10) which Erland only released a few days ago?

    Also, have you tried to just restart the server? I've seen this, too, sporadically and most of the time just restarting the server did help.

    My #1 resource hog right now has actually been TrackStat importing saved stats.
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    It updates the cache the first time it's started, so just let it take some time and it should go faster next time. Also, the recommendation is that you point the configuration and template directory parameters in Custom Browse configuration to directories that doesn't contain a lot of other XML files. As an example, it's a bad idea to store TrackStat scheduled backup files in these directories.
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