I have both wired and wireless SB's and each loses
contact with the server about every 30 minutes to an
hour. It is annoying while listening to music. All
players are fw v29 and the server is v5.3, currently
on the 7/15 build, although this problem has been
present for a while now. I am only playing mp3 files,
no flac, apple lossless, aiff, etc. I am using osx
10.3.4, a 1GHz processor, and have 512 MB ram, and
iTunes 4.6. My music library is on an external FW
drive. Turning library caching on or off makes no
difference. Artwork is being ignored. Are there any
settings i can try adjusting to minimize this problem,
or which logging options should be enabled to help
determine the cause?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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