My radio has just come, and I immediately have a problem with the wireless connection. I run my wireless network on channel 13 as that's pretty clear from interference caused by the neighbours. However my radio won't see channel 13, and I can't find a way to configure it to use "Europe" as the wireless location. That's always been possible with my Duet, SB2, SB3 and Boom. The radio lets me set the language and timezone, but appears not to use European wireless channels.

Have I missed a menu entry somewhere? It didn't ask me about this when going through the initial setup, and it's going to be a real pain if I can't run it in a reasonably clear part of the spectrum here.

Or have I got a US-only model that I should return for replacement?

I'll contact Logitech UK in the hope they can sort it, but wondered if anyone else here has seen this and (most importantly) been able to resolve it.