I've got FLAC files from Magnatune.com (good music, non-evil, btw) with wrong tracknumbers. They also have the tracknumbers in the filenames, so I've written Perl to extract those and write the TRACKNUMBER tag. Naturally, I'm not fiddling with the FLAC tag format myself: I just use Audio::FLAC::Header, which used to be in SlimServer, is still in flac2mp3, and is in CPAN.

It works with an old, pure Perl version of Audio::FLAC::Header. The up-to-date CPAN one uses XS to call libFLAC. The installation complains that libFLAC is not installed or is not in the default path. I've put it everywhere I can think of. Where is it supposed to go?

ActivePerl5.10, mingw, dmake, etc.