I have had this problem ever since I installed 5.2.1 and I may have had it
since 5.2. I definitely did not have it before the new firmware.
Every now and again SlimServer stops streaming any sound. Everything appears
to be working just fine (even slim.exe appears to be running) and to all
intents and purposes the Squeezebox is operating correctly... but I can't
hear anything, not through the headphone out, the analogue out or the
digital out. When I am using Softsqueeze as well it too is silent (in fact I
originally thought Softsqueeze was causing the problem but for the last 5
days I've avoided using it and the "silence" problem has since occurred

The only way I can get SlimServer to transmit sound again is to stop the two
slim processes and then restart SlimServer.

Is this a known problem?

XP Pro (lots of RAM, processor etc)
Wireless (signal strength usually about 60%), Belkin
SlimServer 5.2.1 (or maybe a later nightly)
Firmware: 29
No iTunes of Moodlogic
No extra plugins

Simon Turner
Brighton UK