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    preset and favorite bugs w/server & 7.4.1

    Ok, So I have Squeezebox Radio and have setup www.mysqueezebox.com and the Squeezebox Server 7.4.1. The radio itself says its release 7.4.1 r7915. The hardware version is "5".
    What I find is that when I switch from Internet Radio to podcasts from the server the favorites change and/or are erased. I actually suspect they just change based on whether the radio thinks it's connected to the Internet Radio (and then it uses squeezebox.com to save the favorites) or the SqueezeboxServer (and then it uses those favorites). Also switching between the Internet Radio stations and the podcasts from the server seems to delete all of the Preset button settings. The presets don't switch, they are deleted. How inconvenient.
    I found an advanced setting on the web interface to the Server for squeezebox.com called "mysqueezebox.com Integration". Supposedly this would control synchronization between mysqueezebox.com and the local server. But the settings appear to have no effect on the favorites or presets.
    So as far as I can tell, the presets and settings are broken if you use both Internet Radio and Squeezebox server.

    I want to also note that there are just too many control panels for this device:
    - the front of the actual radio
    - my squeezebox.com
    - my squeezebox.com remote control
    - the squeezebox server control panel
    - the squeezebox server web advanced settings control panel
    - the squeezebox server web remote control
    And determining what should be used to do what? Well, who knows? Is there a guide somewhere?
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    lost the presets again... this is definitely busted...

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    MySqueezeBox Integration only syncs basic player settings, not Favorites. Syncing of Favorites between SBS and MySB is coming but is not currently supported. I suspect this might be part of your losing Podcasts and Favorites as your Radio is switching between SBS and MySB.

    There certainly are many ways to control the SB players, but that's part of the flexibility of the SB system to suit many varying needs and different usage models. Better documentation of each type of control would be nice though.

    What might help you, and as I've suggested to friends & family that I have turned onto the SB players, is to try and use one server (local SBS on your computer or MySB online) to control your player in the beginning to get a better feel for using the SB system. Preferably SBS as you have better and more control over the players and access to your local music. Just an idea.

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    So, it the preset and favorite handling is an acknowledged bug?

    On the idea of using a single server, seeing how screwed up the handling having both SBS and MySB is, I guess I have no choice! Bummer given that I bought the radio for Internet Radio and podcasts! Apparently this isn't really possible without breaking the presets and favotites. Just making the problem clear.

    On your proposed work around... How do I force the unit to stick with MySB.com? That is my strong preference as the PC with the SBS on it isn'talways around or on. I cannot find any setting to force the radio to always use MySB... Must I delete the SBS server software from my PC?

    Side note: (As Product Manager myself, I understand how a product can come out with these kinds of issues, especially when new. I'd suggest one of the problems with this radio at the moment is that it is marketed as an Internet Radio, but much more sophisticated functionality has been left in place (and some of that functionality is broken). Thus there is alot of opportunity for customer confusion. I foolishly thought I was buying an Internet radio... I didn't realize I had two servers to deal with! I can deal with this, but I suspect less network savvy customers are in for a bit of work or confusion.

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    If all you want is internet radio then just don't run the server at all, and it'll happily sit on mysb.com.

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    Many SB customers use these players almost exclusively for Internet Radio usage, and the SB Radio is particularly geared for that purpose.
    So much so that out of the box setup pretty much insists on connecting to MySB online, which is great for first time SB users with no local server but is then overly complicated for existing SB users running a local server.

    As Radish suggests, for Internet Radio & Podcast usage, just leave it on MySB online.
    You'll give up some UI and customization controls using MySB over SBS, but it also reduces the complexity for online content usage.

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    Ok, So I will delete SBS from my PC and do a hard reset to the radio.
    Maybe in a couple releases they will get the podcasts via Itunes working without bungling the presets.

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    you can also control itů

    using a mobile phone
    using the official remote
    using an universal remote
    tell somebody to turn the volume on your sb radio

    I leave mine on mySB all the time. My linuxserver shuts down every night at around 1.30 and i dont want the radio to send a wol packet to turn it on every morning.
    receiver / radio / ipeng / 7.4.2 SBS linux

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    FOund I could use the Mediafly app to get the podcasts I like, and stick with mySB.com
    So I deleted the SBS from my PC. And hard reset the Radio. I seem to have the funvctionality I wanted now!
    However, the presets are still flakey. Not sure why, but they occasionally disappear. And then reappear after I select any internet radio station. Are these prestes actually running off mySB.com, and not locally on the radio? I could imagine that occasional wireless network glitches are causing the lost presets?

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    I think that you should file a bug report at bugs.slimserver.com and carefully document everything about this.

    I have had this happen to me once too in which my presets were completely wiped from the cosmos, but I chalked it up in my case to loading a new Plugin on my server that might have caused some issues.

    I have re-created the presets and if they vanish on their own again (I never connect to mysb.com) then I will file a bug report.

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