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Thread: Preset buttons

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    Preset buttons

    So now that I've settled in a bit with my Squeezebox Radio (already having a bunch of other SB products in my house), I see a crying need for some improvement of the Preset buttons in two areas.

    1) They're still pretty buggy (I trust that ultimately Logitech will fix this). Specifically, it seems like using a preset to turn on the SB frequently results in "empty" playlists. Power-cycling helps, but it seems to come back periodically. I'll write up a bug once I figure out the specific behavior.

    2) It would be really nice to have a screensaver that displayed labels for the preset buttons. I have a hard time remembering what's what. Does anyone have an idea for how to do this?

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    very good idea to recall the preset-buttons using a screensaver :-)
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    can I be a pain

    Hi guys can I be a pain and ask how do you actually get your presets programmed I cant see how it can be done on my squeezebox radio??

    I am guessing that you can assign your favourites to the buttons but I think I just found another bug. I only listen to napster on my radio at the moment and dont stream any of my own music now the more button on napster doesnt have an add to favourites button in the little popup menu after pressing the more button.

    Is this the case for you guys that you are using your own music from the streaming server?
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    Tune the radio to the station you want. Then press and hold the selected preset button. A message will tell you it is saved. Easy.



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    Quote Originally Posted by simsboard View Post
    very good idea to recall the preset-buttons using a screensaver :-)
    Can someone file a "bug" for that? (Enhancment maybe)
    Should be a "standard function" i think..


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