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    Radio in the bathroom?

    I’m thinking about buying an SB Radio to use in the bathroom. The specs don’t mention anything about humidity, so I was wondering if there are some Radio users here on the forum that can share their experiences on the topic.
    I’m mainly concerned about the humidity that is built up during showering (as an example). Would that harm the Radio or can it handle ‘bathroom humidity’?

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    I think it depends on how humid it gets in the room. Obviously, moisture can be bad for electronics if they aren't specifically designed to be in that type of harsh environment. I assume you have an exhaust fan in the bathroom. If it's fairly effective, you should be alright as long as you remember to turn it on every time you take a shower.
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    I believe that I remember something being mentioned that it was only rated for a "non-condensing environment". So not in a steam room but probably OK in a bathroom - the mirrors take up most of the humidity anyway.

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    It wasn't recommended by logitech, but I've got my beta unit in the bathroom, and haven't had any trouble yet. No promises that it won't affect it any day now, only that I haven't had any issues for the time I've had it. (a few months i think)

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    Mine's been fine in the bathroom, but I try not to let it get too steamy in there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dwilliams01 View Post
    the mirrors take up most of the humidity anyway.
    Are you suggesting that mirrors have a magnet-like effect to attract and remove water vapor from the air?

    If you're getting condensation on mirrors, you're likely also getting it on walls, ceilings, and other things in the room. Including on/in any electronic devices, and the upshot of that will likely be damage. Just a matter of when, not if.

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    i've been listening to my squeezebox in the bathroom for a long time and it is still living...

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    I've used the same Sony boombox in my bathroom for over 10 years & it still plays fine.

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    my Radio came in it's Black livery and it's sitting in my bedroom where it can get as steamy as it likes


    Quote Originally Posted by MeSue View Post
    Mine's been fine in the bathroom, but I
    try not to let it get too steamy in there.
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