Sorry to register just to cry for help on the first post but I'm new to all things Squeezebox and I'm having a bugger of a time setting it up.

I've managed, eventually, to get my new Radio (and the new Duet...) to 'see' my ReadyNAS Duo over the wireless network. I know it can see it because if I go to the 'Music Folder' menu, it find the folders on the NAS.

Unfortunately if I go to either the Artist or Album folder, it says 'Empty' every time. There's nothing wrong with the files on the NAS, they have proper id3 tags and everything (they're mp3s).

Strangely as I started typing this, it now won't let me get into the Music Folder menu anymore - it now says 'Problem connecting' in there. It was working earlier, I changed nothing...

I can get internet radio to run fine on both the Radio and the Duet by the way.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? I've got 7.4.0 of SqueezeServer running on the NAS I think. Basically I'm just wondering if I'm doing something stupid or whether this is the type of thing that'll get ironed out with software releases.