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    Where's the snooze setting ?

    I can find it on mysb.com ok - but not on the Radio - i must be missing it somewhere.

    Change my timezone on mysb yesterday and it seemed to reset some of my setting including snooze and alarm tone - though it kept the time.

    So this morning to my suprise i got some guitar type sound and it repeated every minute which is not good when i usually like 2 x 10 minute snooze over 20 minutes before i get up

    Would be good if mysb knew all my alarm clock setting rather than just a few.

    This i also assume would mean that after a powercut - mysb would set the radio backup with the correct settings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darbyweb View Post

    ... which is not good when I usually like 2 x 10 minute snooze over 20 minutes before I get up
    You sound just like me, except for me it's more like 6 x 10 minute snoozes.
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