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> Subject: [slim] Roku Labs updates Soundbridge specs
> 1) its open source, so anyone could read the code for what
> has been done.

true, but that would require the people at roku to provide their own version
of the server instead of linking to the slimdevices download page and thus
becoming the target for support queries.

> 2) that's just being as low as they are.

again true, and IMHO the reason not to do it.

> Open Source is about being available to all for use and
> contribution so that
> everyone can benefit. Some people think its just about
> getting free stuff, in
> order to lower your overhead, and get your fingers into the
> dedicated open
> source fanbase without any effort. Some peope will buy a
> device just becuase it
> says "open source" somewhere in the docs. It gives the
> impression that the
> device is customisable by the user, and functional in varied
> environments. As
> Open Source becomes more mainstream, you will find it being
> used more and more
> as a marketing tool.

in case of slimserver a really good marketing tool - and luckily a genuine