Changing charset for web interface
Wouldn't the best way of doing this be to select a charset which can display
all possible characters? Ideally, this means UTF-8. Of course, you have to
make sure that the charset of the data you get in (your song titles) is
know, and convertable to UTF-8.

Note that just changing the charset in the header, while it might work if
ALL your track titles are in that particular charset, isn't generally a good
solution, because you may commonly have tracks with names in multiple
charsets. The problem here is of course that the ID3 tag doesn't contain a
common information about what charset is used.

I've come to wish that everybody would just use UTF-8 everywhere, and it'd
all Just Work (tm) in the end. All other representations seem to have some
kind of problem somewhere (Unicode means 2 bytes on Window,s but 4 bytes on
UNIX, and has byte order problems, for example).


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I want to change the web interface to support international characters.
All it entails is changing the page charset in 3 of the web pages.

This will allow support of international characters in the
songs/artists/albumns - in my case - Hebrew.

However, I don't want to implement it as a new language as the interface
is still in English, and I want it to apply to all the skins.

Any ideas on how to implement it?