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    Facebook App Questions

    I'm not sure what to expect of the Facebook app, but have 3 queries

    1) I set the screen saver (on both SBC and Radio) to the Facebook News Feed.
    By using Settings\Screen\Screensavers\When Playing\My Facebook Newsfeed.

    When the screensaver kicks in, it cycles through the 'profile' pictures of friends who have recently posted new (or status updates) but with no text. I had expected it to give the actual news updates in text (overlaid or below profile picture), is this correct behaviour - is it what everyone sees?

    2) the My Players tab of the Facebook page of MSB lists my name for all players except one SB3 where it shows the account as 1612336715. This is not listed on the My Account tab.

    I suspect that this represents a failed attempt to connect to Facebook from that SB3 via a Beta version Version: 7.4.0 - r28660. It failed as you couldn't add uppercase to passwords via SB3

    3) Because of the above, I uninstalled Facebook and whilst it was then removed from MyApps on the SBC, the Facebook Screensaver options were still listed, even after I power cycled the SBC. Is this a bug?

    I think the Facebook app may help some friends solve the WAF issue, so I'm keen to get it working correctly for me.


    P.S. is a separate forum required for Apps, as they don't sit under any player nor SBS or MSB exclusively.

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    Try this. Re-add your FBook app. Then, from mysqueezebox.com, delete your FB credentials. Then delete the app. That should get you back to normal. Then reinstall the app. And under the player options set the players you want to use FB.
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    Thanks - Update

    1. there is a toggle under Settings/Screen/Image Viewer Settings called 'Addiitonal Info about Picture'

    When set as 'Show' this includes text (from eitehr FaceBook or Flickr).
    The text does't scroll and is very small but it is there.

    2 & 3

    On MySB
    deleted credentials
    uninstalled Facebook App

    Screen saver options remain on SBC Radio
    Power cycled each (indepedently) and Screen Saver Options disappear.

    This fixes item 3 from my OP.

    Resinstalled FB on MySB and reregistered to FB.
    the MYSB settings for the rogue SB3 still show the same account number!!
    The account on that SB3 shows correctly.

    Item 2 still open (doesn't seem to cause any issues - just looks wrong).

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    tried again. This time using IR to remove account on 'rogue' SB3.
    On SB3 MyApps/Facebook gives only 1 option "I have a facebook account".
    On MySB the account settings show "Already a Facebook Subscriber" and the "Connect with Facebook" button. The player settings tab shows "-" for all the accounts, except the rogue SB3 which still shows 1612336715.

    You can't remove FB app from SB3 (or I couldn't find how) so put rogue SB3 to stand-by, went to MySB and uninstalled, stopped SBS.
    Brought SB3 out of standby (incidentally, it failed to find SBS, obviously but I had to back part way through setup to choose MySB).

    Installed FB via SB3, checked on MySB and rogue account still shows 1612336715. Couldn't face entering email via the IT so entered FB credentials via MySB and back to square 1.

    Do you, or anyone else, have any more ideas?

    I guess that the Apps liaise direct with MySB whether or not SBS is running therefore there isn't muc point in exploring that avenue.


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