jku wrote:
> As you've probably found out, with Ubuntu you have three sane choices:
> * dist-upgrade every six months
> * use long term support releases and dist-upgrade every 18-24 months
> * use long term support releases and re-install every 5 years (for
> server)
> I don't think these options are unreasonable and they clearly show how
> your comment doesn't paint the whole picture. I think the options aren't
> clearly communicated to people installing, though.

Yes, there are these choices. But IMHO, you are better off with Debian,
which naturally values stability and long term support when you are
doing a server. My slimserver/squeezecenter/squeezebox server is a
Debian install.

The "update every six months" and never skip a cycle is not a good
choice for a server. My music server stayed up over a year, no crashes
and no touching by a human.

For servers, a Ubuntu LTS is clearly better than their latest and
greatest general packaging.

But I prefer Debian for servers. Same cost, 99% the same GUI, 100% the
same admin tools.

Pat Farrell