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    Fedora Core 8 upgrade to 7.4

    All things considered, this went reasonably smooth. I installed the RPM version.

    The one initial glitch is the music folder scan that was run immediately after installation reported zero songs. This was a user permissions issue.

    This is a dedicated server used only for Squeezebox music. The music is owned by the primary user ("musicbox") on the server and user "squeezecenter" was a member of the group that had permission to use those file.

    The new RPM added user "squeezeboxserver" which now runs the server program. However, this new user was not a member of the group and had no rights to the music files. Adding this user to the proper group solved that problem.

    Other than the standard upgrade annoyance of losing various settings, so far things seem OK. Will report back if any issues arise over the next few days.
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