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    segfault at startup

    I've filed a bug but maybe it won't hurt asking here as well... I'm getting a segmentation fault at 7.4 startup:
    jku@luna:~$ sudo -u squeezeboxserver squeezeboxserver --debug server=DEBUG database=DEBUG
    [09-10-01 21:11:54.8231] main::init (320) Starting Squeezebox Server (v7.4.1, r28710, Wed Sep 30 15:51:04 PDT 2009) perl 5.008007
    [09-10-01 21:11:54.8331] main::init (337) Squeezebox Server OS Specific init...
    [09-10-01 21:11:54.8337] main::init (381) Squeezebox Server settings effective user and group if requested...
    [09-10-01 21:11:54.8343] main::init (398) Squeezebox Server binary search path init...
    [09-10-01 21:11:54.8532] main::init (402) Squeezebox Server PluginManager init...
    [09-10-01 21:11:55.1340] main::init (405) Squeezebox Server strings init...
    [09-10-01 21:11:55.1372] Slim::Utils::Strings::loadStrings (131) Retrieving string data from string cache: /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cache/stringcache.i686-linux.bin
    [09-10-01 21:11:55.1811] main::init (409) Squeezebox Server SQL init...
    Segmentation fault
    I'm running SBS on an ancient Ubuntu version (6.06.02). Unfortunately upgrading is not an option at the moment, so any debugging help is appreciated...

    The failing call is $sqlHelperClass->init() but I'm not sure where it leads to... I thought it would be MySQLHelper->init() but that does not seem to be the case.
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