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    Question Uninstalled apps showing in context menu?

    I'm defining "context menu" as that menu which appears when you press (and hold??) the center button on the SBC or the wheel button on the Boom.

    I do not have the following apps installed:
    Last.fm, Facebook, Flickr, Amazon.

    And yet when I access a song's context menu, I see:
    "On Last.fm Radio", "Share on Faceboo" (sic), "On Flickr", and "On Amazon".

    Note that these (unwanted) items only appear when I'm listening to Slacker or Pandora - they don't appear when listening to my other apps (RadioTime, SHOUTcast, SKY.fm, or radioio).

    Anyone else see this?

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    I don't know if what you describe is the correct behavior or not because I do have the apps installed, but if you untick the plugins in your settings, it should remove them from everywhere.
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