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    Version 7.4 - Issues and resolutions

    An update:

    Another reboot of the system hosting SqueezeCenter and another reboot of the Squeezebox and the firmware updated. I'm not sure why it suddenly started behaving properly.

    For some reason v7.4 won't display my network drives in "browse" - only local drives. I could not type in the FQDN for the NAS hosting the music. It did allow me to put in the IP address which is actually better since now I no longer need a persistently mapped drive.

    Getting the upgrade to v7.4 was a tad more painful than it should have been but I am happy with it now.

    I did the upgrade from v7.3.3 to v7.4 this morning and now my Squeezebox is down. The install appeared to go fine but the Squeezebox would not update the firmware - nothing happens when pushing the brightness button. The circular icon just spins and the upgrade never starts.

    I deleted the cache and preferences as was recommended in other threads - same behavior. I uninstalled Squeezecenter, deleted the directory, rebooted, and then reinstalled v7.4. Same behavior - the Squeezebox won't update and hangs indicating the need to do an upgrade.

    I also noticed when setting up the new install that it is no longer possible to map the music library to my mapped drive at Z:\Music.

    Before I roll back to 7.3.3 do you have ay ideas?
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    I lost most of my library after upgrade to 7.4. Couldn't recover with any rescan option. Tried clearing cache etc.
    Reloaded SC7.3.3 and everything works again except I get the annoying FW updates with the boom every time I switch between DC and SN.
    Very frustrating...........

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    Duet Controller continuously reboot

    After 7.4 update and controller FW update, my controller has been booting with the Logitech logo, then "Free your music, then goes dark, then Logitech , then Free you music, then over and over again.
    The player can still be controlled by the Browser interface. Running SC it in OSX Snowleopard.

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    Mapped network drives don't work with 7.4?

    I'm seeing the same thing as the previous poster - looks like a network drive can only be accessed via UNC path (e.g. \\myserver\mydrive\mylibrary works), not via a drive letter (e.g. M:\mylibrary doesn't work).

    The mapped network drive doesn't even show up in the drive list in the browser. In the control panel, it shows with a red X next to it (the drive is reachable just fine from windows explorer, it's not a network connectivity problem). Typing in the path with the drive letter and kicking off a library rescan results in an "invalid value" message.

    The UNC path approach seems to work - the rescan is running and making progress through my collection as I write this.
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