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    Running 7.4 from svn code..

    In honor of the imminent release of Squeezebox Server 7.4, here is a script that will download and configure the 7.4 svn code to run as a service. This script is meant for Fedora and like distros. It will need to be tweaked for debian/ubuntu. The script requires a working installation of SBS 7.4 (installed via yum or rpm) to serve as a "template."
    # Script to install the Squeezebox Server svn code to run as a service on Fedora and other RH like distros.
    # Prerequsite: squeezeboxserver must first be installed via yum or from a rpm.
    # After running this script, you can (if you want or need to) safely uninstall squeezeboxserver: 'yum erase squeezeboxserver'  or 'rpm -e squeezeboxserer'
    if [ "$user" != "root" ] 
        echo 'Error: This script needs to be run with root cridentials,'
        echo "either via # sudo $0"
        echo 'or under su.'
    # Uncomment the desired branch:
    # Release (source of official 7.4 release)
    # Testing (a.k.a 7.4.x, source of nightly releases after official 7.4 release?)
    # Unstable (source for future touch release?)
    # Installation name: This will be the name of the installed service and determines the names of many folders.
    # You can change this to anything that strikes you as more descriptive.  E.g.: 'sbs75_trunk' or whathaveyou.
    # Destination.  This is where the code gets downloaded to..
    function pause(){
       read -p "$*"
    if [ -e "/usr/share/$INSTNAME/server" ]
        echo "$INSTNAME is already installed!"
        echo "Updating $INSTNAME code.."
        if [ ! -e "/var/log/$INSTNAME" ]
           mkdir "/var/log/$INSTNAME"
        svn up "/usr/share/$INSTNAME" >> "/var/log/$INSTNAME/svn.log"
        exit 1
    echo ' '
    echo "This script installs the Squeezebox Server svn code as the $INSTNAME service."
    echo ' '
    echo "The source for the svn checkout will be $SOURCEREPO"
    echo ' '
    echo "The destination for the svn code will be $DESTREPO"
    echo ' '
    echo ' '
    echo 'For this script to work, this machine MUST already have a working copy of'
    echo 'squeezeboxserver that was previously installed via yum or rpm.'
    echo ' '
    pause 'Press Enter to continue, or ctrl-c to abort..'
    if [ ! -e '/usr/share/squeezeboxserver' ]
      echo 'Error: squeezeboxserver v7.4 or greater must be installed via yum or rpm first!'
      pause 'Press Enter to exit.'
      exit 1
    szSCStatus=`/sbin/service squeezeboxserver status`
    if (( $(echo $szSCStatus | egrep -c "running...") >= 1 ))
       /sbin/service squeezeboxserver stop
    echo "Creating directory for $INSTNAME.."
    mkdir "/usr/share/$INSTNAME"
    echo 'Preparing the log dir..'
    mkdir "/var/log/$INSTNAME"
    echo 'Downloading SqueezeboxServer svn code..'
    echo 'This can take a LONG time...30 minutes or more.'
    echo 'Please be patient.  The script will continue when the svn checkout is complete.'
    echo ' '
    echo "You can the monitor progress of the checkout by viewing the /var/log/$INSTNAME/svn.log file.."
    echo ' '
    echo 'Downloading svn code now..'
    /bin/date > "/var/log/$INSTNAME/svn.log"
    svn co "$SOURCEREPO" "$DESTREPO" >> "/var/log/$INSTNAME/svn.log"
    echo "Preparing /etc/sysconfig/$INSTNAME.."
    echo "# Edit this to suit your setup
    SQUEEZEBOX_ARGS=\"--daemon --prefsdir=\$SQUEEZEBOX_CFG_DIR --logdir=\$SQUEEZEBOX_LOG_DIR --cachedir=\$SQUEEZEBOX_CACHE_DIR --charset=\$SQUEEZEBOX_CHARSET\"" > "/etc/sysconfig/$INSTNAME"
    echo "Preparing new $INSTNAME service.."
    cp -f /etc/rc.d/init.d/squeezeboxserver "/etc/rc.d/init.d/$INSTNAME"
    # Use sed to change the details of our svn service startup script
    sed -i -e "s/# squeezeboxserver\s*Startup script for the Squeezebox Server$/# $INSTNAME\t\Startup script for the Squeezebox server svn code/" /etc/rc.d/init.d/$INSTNAME
    sed -i -e "s/Squeezebox server powers the Squeezebox/$INSTNAME powers the Squeezebox/" /etc/rc.d/init.d/$INSTNAME
    sed -i -e "s/# processname:\s*squeezeboxserver$/# processname:\t$INSTNAME/" /etc/rc.d/init.d/$INSTNAME
    sed -i -e "s/# config:\s*\/etc\/squeezeboxserver\/squeezeboxserver.conf$/# config:\t\t\/etc\/$INSTNAME\/squeezeboxserver.conf/" /etc/rc.d/init.d/$INSTNAME
    sed -i -e "s/# config:\s*\/etc\/sysconfig\/squeezeboxserver$/# config:\t\t\/etc\/sysconfig\/$INSTNAME/" /etc/rc.d/init.d/$INSTNAME
    sed -i -e "s/# Provides:\s*squeezeboxserver$/# Provides:\t\t$INSTNAME/" /etc/rc.d/init.d/$INSTNAME
    sed -i -e 's/# Short-Description:\s*Startup script for the Squeezebox Server$/# Short-Description:\tStartup script for the Squeezebox Server svn code/' /etc/rc.d/init.d/$INSTNAME
    sed -i -e "s/\s*SQUEEZEBOX_CONFIG=\/etc\/sysconfig\/squeezeboxserver$/\tSQUEEZEBOX_CONFIG=\/etc\/sysconfig\/$INSTNAME/" /etc/rc.d/init.d/$INSTNAME
    sed -i -e 's/\s*SQUEEZEBOX_BIN=\"\$SQUEEZEBOX_HOME\/squeezeboxserver\"$/\tSQUEEZEBOX_BIN=\"\$SQUEEZEBOX_HOME\/slimserver.pl\"/' /etc/rc.d/init.d/$INSTNAME
    sed -i -e "s/\s*LOCKFILE=\"\/var\/lock\/subsys\/squeezeboxserver\"/\tLOCKFILE=\"\/var\/lock\/subsys\/$INSTNAME\"/" /etc/rc.d/init.d/$INSTNAME
    sed -i -e "s/\s*echo -n \"Starting Squeezebox Server:\s*\"$/\t\techo -n \"Starting $INSTNAME: \"/" /etc/rc.d/init.d/$INSTNAME
    sed -i -e "s/\s*echo -n \"Stopping Squeezebox Server:\s*\"$/\t\techo -n \"Stopping $INSTNAME: \"/" /etc/rc.d/init.d/$INSTNAME
    sed -i -e 's/\s*killall squeezeboxserver$/                        killall slimserver.pl/' /etc/rc.d/init.d/$INSTNAME
    #Create services on run levels 3 and 5
    cd /etc/rc.d/rc3.d
    ln -s ../init.d/$INSTNAME ./S80$INSTNAME
    cd /etc/rc.d/rc5.d
    ln -s ../init.d/$INSTNAME ./S80$INSTNAME
    echo 'Preparing the data dir..'
    cp -R /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/ /var/lib/$INSTNAME/
    sed -i -e "s/\/usr\/share\/squeezeboxserver\//\/usr\/share\/$INSTNAME\/server\//" /var/lib/$INSTNAME/prefs/server.prefs
    sed -i -e "s/\/var\/lib\/squeezeboxserver\//\/var\/lib\/$INSTNAME\//" /var/lib/$INSTNAME/prefs/server.prefs
    # Important for proper svn updating..
    cp -R /usr/share/$INSTNAME/server/Plugins/ /var/lib/$INSTNAME/
    rm -rf /usr/share/$INSTNAME/server/Plugins
    ln -s /var/lib/$INSTNAME/Plugins /usr/share/$INSTNAME/server/Plugins
    chown -h squeezeboxserver:squeezeboxserver /usr/share/$INSTNAME/server/Plugins
    echo 'Preparing the config dir..'
    cp -R /etc/squeezeboxserver /etc/$INSTNAME
    rm -f /etc/$INSTNAME/server.conf
    ln -s /var/lib/$INSTNAME/prefs/server.prefs /etc/$INSTNAME/server.conf
    echo 'Configuring logrotate..'
    cp -f /etc/logrotate.d/squeezeboxserver /etc/logrotate.d/$INSTNAME
    sed -i -e "s/\/var\/log\/squeezeboxserver\//\/var\/log\/$INSTNAME\//" /etc/logrotate.d/$INSTNAME
    echo 'Fixing file permissions..'
    chown -R squeezeboxserver:squeezeboxserver /etc/$INSTNAME
    chown -R squeezeboxserver:squeezeboxserver /usr/share/$INSTNAME
    chown -R squeezeboxserver:squeezeboxserver /var/lib/$INSTNAME
    chown -R squeezeboxserver:squeezeboxserver /var/log/$INSTNAME
    echo "Setting up the $INSTNAME service to autorun.."
    chkconfig squeezeboxserver off
    chkconfig --level 35 "$INSTNAME" on
    echo "Done! The Squeezebox Server svn code is ready to run as a service (daemon)."
    echo "Run the command \"service $INSTNAME start\" to start the service."
    echo ' '
    echo "Run the command \"svn up $DESTREPO\" to update $INSTNAME."
    echo ' '
    echo 'Enjoy!'

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    Wink in plain...

    Hi. That looks interesting, since I installed SBS 7.4 on fedora 10 and I'm not seeing my controller in mysqueezebox.com/players neither my local music.

    I'm quite a noob with those could you explain in a non technical way what do I achieve with the script?
    With this one can I fix my issues? by the way how can I see the SBS 7.4 interface?

    thanks in advance
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    Sorry, no, this script won't fix any ailments that you might have with SBS. The reason why I use scripts of this sort is so that, as a developer, I can have parallel installs of 7.5 & 7.4 & 7.3.

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