Hi Dean,

I don't use iTunes or Moodlogic , however I suddenly thought that I
do have a lot of duplicates in my library , something that SlimServer nicely
sorts for me and only presents each track/album once. I am not sure which
'versions' it choses but I would have liked to think it served the highest
quality version.
Could this be the issue ?? - it stems from a while back when I
ripped in different formats - and also my sharing where also I have some
albums in two places aften with different recording formats though the ID3
tags are likely identical. .
It would be very tedious to clean all this up but if that's the only
way - I had thought SlimServer was nicely doing the job for me !


( As a bit of a technolgy project my car actually auto synchs its mp3 hard
disk with my home system when I enter the driveway - If I want something in
my car I just place it on a share at home and its copied over - and vica
versa - I was looking at having a DAB radio in the car and recording tracks
I liked whilst on the road - and these would get copied back to the home
library too )

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> Kevin,
> Something's clearly not right here. That second scan
> shouldn't take so much time and memory, it's supposed to
> just validate that the files haven't changed.
> When does the second scan happen? Do you have iTunes or
> MoodLogic enabled? Could you turn on the d_info debugging
> option and grab the output when it's started the second
> scan? (Let me know if you need some additional
> explanation on how to do this...)
> -dean