I've got the svn source of SqueezePlay running on my N800 and N810 (Maemo 4 - Diablo).

First impressions are that it runs fairly well in full screen and is nice and responsive as a controller, not looked at the audio side of things yet though.

I tweaked both the WQGVAsmallSkin and large skin to use 800x480 full screen and resized one of the backgrounds. The large skin looks a lot better but doesn't have the navi buttons or menu icons. Now Playing has lots of dead space. Touchscreen, navi pad and back buttons all work fine.

Some compilation notes:
I used libreadline5 from the maemo-extras repo
Compile errors in decode_portaudio.c:
(cast increases required alignment of target type), I just commented out the offending lines.

Runtime error:
ERROR audio.output - decode_alsa_check_pids:48 exit, playback child is dead
Commented out the exit call in this case to allow the app to continue executing

What would need doing:
1: Investigate audio playback
2: SDL not playing nicely with Hildon frameworks, needs some maemo specific tweaks I think
3: Menu item packaging - currently I'm launching it from a shell script
4: 800x480 skin creation
5: Flick scrolling is a bit hit and miss

Its a lot more useable than last time I tried this, about a year and a half ago now. Looks like it may be munching on the battery but it might be that my battery is on its way out anyway.

As I understand it only Logitech can distribute binaries right?