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    Enabling WOL across multiple reboots

    Hope someone can help me out here,I have Vortexbox(Fedora)and I am trying to get WOL up and running,I can enable it and it works but after the next reboot it turns itself off again.
    From what I understand(hmmm very little as I have just started playing with linux)is that I need to install a script in /etc/rc.d directory.Question is what script should I add,found one example:

    # file: /sbin/wolifconfig
    eth0 upethtool -s eth0 wol g

    would this work if yes then please explain to me how I
    can install it in the mentioned directory,remembering
    that you are explaining this to someone with virtualy
    no linux knowage.

    ps.also have posted this in the Vortexbox forums
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