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    Enabling WOL across multiple reboots

    Hope someone can help me out here,I have Vortexbox(Fedora)and I am trying to get WOL up and running,I can enable it and it works but after the next reboot it turns itself off again.
    From what I understand(hmmm very little as I have just started playing with linux)is that I need to install a script in /etc/rc.d directory.Question is what script should I add,found one example:

    # file: /sbin/wolifconfig
    eth0 upethtool -s eth0 wol g

    would this work if yes then please explain to me how I
    can install it in the mentioned directory,remembering
    that you are explaining this to someone with virtualy
    no linux knowage.

    ps.also have posted this in the Vortexbox forums
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    Many computers (such as the VortexBox appliance) have WOL enabled by default in the BIOS. You may be able to go into your BIOS and enable WOL. Try hitting F2 or Delete on boot up.

    If that doesn't work this command will add it to the startup file.

    echo "eth0 upethtool -s eth0 wol g" >> /etc/rc.local
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    Hi Andrew thanks for the reply

    I feel as though I am bashing my head up against a brickwall sometimes!!!Confused

    Yep wol is supported as i can in ethtool change from a d to a g so that it is enabled and it works on the next reboot but then reverts back to a d again!!!

    Started up putty loged in as root then put your command in but nothing has changed,in ethtool it still shows up as d.

    Presume this command has to be installed somewhere elseů.but where!! and can I just copy and paste your command into putty ?

    sorry about this as it seems pretty simpleů.but not!

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    I'm also new to Linux and I have struggled with this some time. I think there's a bug in Fedora 11 that makes the extra line in rc.local necessary.

    If I understand it well, agilles' line is supposed to add a line to rc.local. I've added it to the end of rc.local by hand with nano:

    nano /etc/rc.local
    add at the end the line:
    ethtool -s eth0 wol g
    save the file and restart.

    I also noticed that you have to wait a bit till the command is processed after restarting. Here ethtool eth0 states that wol is d when I do this immediately after restarting. After waiting a few seconds, it says g.

    Hope this helps.

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    I upgraded Ubuntu 8.04 LTS to 8.10 and then to 9.04. Somewhere I lost WoL.

    After some googling I found various solutions but the only one that worked for me was to change the NETDOWN value in /etc/init.d/halt from yes to no.


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    Teus de Jong Thank you your instructions did the trick,rebooted a number of times and it works.

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