Well its been three long days of checking out all the new goodies that will be available.

Only one vendor had any Squeezeboxes that I could see. And that was only a Boom and SB3. Guess they didn't have an open box Transporter to display and the SB3 looked like it had many miles on it. No Touch or Squeezebox Radio to be seen anywhere.

Sonos on the other hand was out in full force with a large display booth and fairly large footprint for a single device company. They had front to back displays setup with their speakers on either side of a pedestal that had the ZP-120, ZP-90, and new Controller 200 stacked bottom to top with the 200 mounted in a holder like one would use in a car. One could control the system with the 200, but not hold it or walk off with it. I couldn't find any Classical music by artist or genre to test the speakers with though. Either bad tagging or they didn't think to put any on the server.

Several manufactures that committed to the show, did not show up. Five that I really wanted to visit with and know some of their personnel including two owners were unfortunately among those that no showed.

I did meet the CEO of SpeakerCraft and he was not what I was expecting in a CEO. T-shirt and tattoos and was nice enough to sponsor the first day 4:00 reception and was serving beer. Hats off to another guy that knows his business, enjoys his work, and wants to have fun doing it.