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    Improved Squeezebox config available for Harmony users. Update 08-05-2011

    We are excited to announce that we have improved the following Squeezeboxes in our Logitech Harmony database.

    Squeezebox 2
    Squeezebox v3
    Squeezebox Boom

    Improvement summary:

    • All models now utilize the discrete Power On and Off Commands.
    • All models now have the Improved IR language.
    • All models have better default button mappings for the activitie(s).

    Update 08-05-2011

    ---------The New Squeezebox Software version 7.6 contains the following new IR Commands for harmony users--------

    • All Squeezebox models now have the Mute command available.
    • All Squeezebox models with the exception of the Touch have 6 Preset IR commands
    (For Squeezebox Classic hold the Preset button for 3 seconds to program)

    If you use the Harmony Remote Software

    Please click on the link below to access the FAQ which provides instructions on how to add the improved device to your Logitech Harmony account:


    If you use myharmony.com please follow the instuctions below.

    From the home page, click Devices.
    Select the Squeezebox by clicking its image on the device page.
    Once you’ve selected the device, click Delete This Device.

    From the Devices page select Add a Device.
    Add the Squeezebox to your account.

    Don't forget to re-add the device to your activities.
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