What is involved with taking my Squeezebox to another location? I was thinking of taking it to a friend's house or a hi-fi club meeting for a demo.

This is assuming there is a wireless router at the location and the network password is available. I would want to use Squeezenetwork to access Rhapsody, Pandora, etc. I wasn't planning on having a computer with SqueezeCenter, although that would also be an option if someone brought a laptop, allowing for higher quality flac files to be played.

If the Squeezebox sees a new wireless network, can I just enter the password for the router and be up and running, or does anything else need updating like the player PIN, etc to operate on a new network? Of course I would also like it to work when I brought it back home on my own wireless network.

There's also a meetup of headphone enthusiasts in Houston scheduled in October and I would like to have the Squeezebox operational there. One guy says he will have his mobile phone set up to serve as a wireless router on Sprints 3G network. It would be cool if I could get my Squeezebox to work through that, assuming he has sufficient bandwidth.

I think I could generate some good exposure for both the Squeezebox and Rhapsody at these events. I certainly believe they are great products and would love to share the experience with other people.