My server is an old 1GHz P3 with 512MB of memory running RedHat Linux.

It transcodes FLAC to MP3 fine, I hardly notice the load on the server at
all which is also a Samba server for the rest of the Windows PCs in the


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>Subject: [slim] Any reason not to get a SliMP3?
>Pat Farrell wrote:
>> At 12:10 AM 6/15/2004, MattB wrote:

>> The key distinction is that the SqueezeBox supports playing both MP3
>> and .wav (PCM) files. This lets you use other compression

>schemes and
>> get the benefits (if any) of them. I use flac, which is lossless and
>> wonderful. Others use it to take formats such as WMA or Apple's
>> formats, and change them only to .wav and then play. With a SliMP3,
>> you have to first decompress them to .wav, and then encode

>them to MP3
>> on the fly.
>> This works, and is not as resource intensive as you might

>fear. But it
>> does lose some fidelity. Depending on your needs, that may, or may
>> not, be important.
>> It was critical to me, YMMV
>> Pat

>Thanks for all the good info. I'd be running it into my
>Pioneer home theater amp, which is OK for my needs, but
>nothing very fancy. I don't think I have any unused digital
>inputs left, and that aspect isn't that critical to me. I have
>another room for real listening with a direct toslink
>connection to my PC and 24 bit capability. I've been streaming
>to the Pioneer stereo via the headphone output of a Sony
>laptop with acceptable results so as long as it doesn't sound
>worse than that I don't think I'll notice. It's for music in
>the living room (which is also baby's play room) and kitchen,
>so if the ADC is comparable to a consumer CD player it would
>probably be OK for this application.
>Now I do have a bunch of stuff (my live recordings) archived
>in flac and I'd like to be able to stream those. So it sounds
>like they get transcoded on the fly. My "server" is a XP Pro,
>Athalon 1700+, with 512 Mb of 266 DDR RAM. Would that be
>likely to be able to transcode flacs without too much strain?
>I also use it as my fileserver, so I don't want it to be
>pegged if I'm transcoding. Other than that, the rest of my
>library is Lame MP3 (standard or extreme encoding) so I guess
>that would just stream natively.
>This will work OK? Thanks again!