The signal strength on any one device has absolutely zero affect on your
network bandwidth when considering the whole network.

As far as the squeezebox goes, before getting a new, more powerful access
point, I was seeing signal strength like yours and had absolutely no problem
playing mp3 files.

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My Wireless signal strength is 66 currently being reported as 66.

Is this good or bad? The PC is at the back of the house, close to the PC,
monitor, behind a pile of CD's I've been meaning to tidy up, etc. The
Squeezebox is on the top of the HiFi in the lounge, only about 8-10 meters

I've experienced it going as low as 46, averaging around 60.

I just wondered what this value related to in terms of available bandwidth
throughput. Whilst I'm aware I've probably got loads of spare bandwidth,
and haven't experienced any dropouts, I'm wondering if I'd be able to get
another squeezebox for the bedroom on the same network.

Is there any way I can see what my maximum actual bandwidth is? I can't see
anything in my network interface driver.

I'm using WinXP Pro. The wireless router is a Belkin 7630-4A.