I'm running Slimserver 5.1.1 on a windows XP computer set up as a music file server. Slimserver is installed on the OS C: drive while my music and iTunes playlists are located on a second storage drive D: I run iTunes on my main PC in the office and it is set up to store all music and playlists on the file server D: drive. In the Slimserver settings, I don't have the option of using iTunes playlists and when I enter in the iTunes folder as the place where playlists are stored, Slimserver doesn't recognize the iTunes playlists that are saved there.

I'm new to all of this and am unfamiliar to the command line stuff I've seen posted in the archives. Any plain english help in getting Slimserver to work with iTunes playlists would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. Everything else works great. The Sqeezebox works perfectly except for the playlists.