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    2 TB hard drives...

    2 TB hard drives on sale today at Tiger Direct for $269.00....anyone want to bet when they drop below $200.00?

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    Because of the recession parts manufactures have shut down some of there production lines to cut supply and rise demand. For example the price of DVD drive has gone up 30% in the past few months. It may be a while before they drop below $200 but I would think by the end of the year.
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    Scaling back production reduces supply, to try to hold up prices and to save money. Doing so generally has no effect on demand. For companies using third party manufacturers, as most do, cutting back production doesn't save as much as it used to.

    For the largest drives, I would expect prices will stay up for awhile because so much of production is in the smaller formats. Customers often want larger drives when they are space or slot constrained and so are willing to pay a premium for the space.

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    For long enough, the only 2TB drive on the market was the Western Digital, it had no competition with the same capacity, so they could really charge what they wanted. Although weirdly, seagate didn't do this when they released their first 1.5TB drive.

    there is now competition with other 1.5TBs so prices have tumbled, you can pick up a Samsung 1.5TB for about ú80 wich is an amazing price!

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    Newegg is offering 2 TB drives from Western Digital & Seagate for $229.99 with free shipping.

    Quote Originally Posted by marinoni View Post
    2 TB hard drives on sale today at Tiger Direct for $269.00....anyone want to bet when they drop below $200.00?

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