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    SB3 Constantly Rebooting


    I've had this trouble since 7.3.1 (I think, although I'm not sure it's software related). My squeezebox 3 is constantly in a reboot loop.

    Logitech Logo -> Squeezebox -> Welcome to Squeezebox, to setup press the right arrow ...10 seconds or so... -> blank screen -> back to start. Constantly.

    I've just factory reset it, and it is sitting here, about 10 feet from my wireless router, and I can't get it past the security options before it goes back into reboot. Every now and then it'll stay on for a while, but only for about 10 minutes.

    Any ideas? It's pretty much useless to me at the moment.

    Cheers, Simon

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    Does the same happen if you connect it with a network cable, and then set it up for a wired connection?
    Squeezebox Controller (fw r6038) + Squeezebox Receiver (fw 62) + 1TB fileserver, Windows XP SP3, running SqueezeCenter 7.3.4

    Download SC 7.3.4 from here: http://downloads.slimdevices.com/nightly/?ver=7.3

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    I'll dig out a cable and battle my way to the router shortly to find out.

    I don't have problems with any other wireless equipment (that I know of) though - is the Squeezebox more sensitive/tempremental?


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    The SB3 is very reliable as far as wireless connections are concerned. Are you sure it is software related? This sounds like what my SB3 was doing just recently. It was the power supply cutting out. I had the old UNIFIVE power supply in the UK. I replaced it with the more modern power supply from At-Tunes in the UK. It works far better now. The power supply doesn't get nearly as hot as the first one. No spontainous cutting out and restarting. My one got gradually worse after it started doing it. The times to the cut outs from initial plug in were getting smaller each time.

    Declan Moriarty.

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    Thanks for that Declan

    I haven't had a chance to check the wired connection yet, although I did move the unit to within a foot of the router without success.

    Not convinced it's software, no. I just seem to recall it starting when I upgraded the firmware.

    It could well be PSU related, since if I leave it unplugged it'll stay on for a while, then revert back to its old tricks

    The SB3 was one of the first out the door, IIRC, since it was a replacement for an SB2 that went belly up. I'm in the UK, so I'll look into replacing the supply.

    Thanks again, Simon

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    The more I think about it, the more I think it's the power supply. When I unplug it for long periods it seems to be stable for about half an hour, but as soon as it warms up, power recycling.

    Declan - I found your thread on looking for a UK power supply, but did not find a solution. I've googled here with mixed results (one said to use an Iomega Zip drive supply, which I threw out about 2 weeks ago).

    What was your solution, if you've got a minute?

    Thanks, Simon

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    If you email Patrick Dixon who runs the At-Tunes website www.at-tunes.co.uk he will supply you one. It costs ú6.50. He accepts PayPal and Bank Transfer. I got the newer SB3 power supply that is far better than the UNIFIVE one (it doesn't get nearly as hot)!

    Declan Moriarty.

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    Great stuff, thank you.

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    Well, purchased new power supply. Factory Reset SB3 and took into work to eliminate power and wireless.

    Left SB3 on with original supply. After about 30-45 minutes, it was back to rebooting constantly.

    Switched power supplies, still rebooting constantly.

    Unplugged SB3 for a while, plugged it back in to new supply and it's been stable for the rest of the day (6 hours), so fingers crossed.

    It's being used in the bedroom at the moment, but if it stays OK, then I'm looking to add at least 3-4 more, and I'll look into the linear supplies for the important ones.

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    Have you done a Xilinx reset?
    From wiki:
    1. Disconnect the power
    2. Press and hold "1" on the remote
    3. Reconnect the power
    4. Release the "1" button when you see "Programming xilinx" on the screen

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