You will probably run into bug #5 - short clips won't play correctly. For a
number of home automation items like having my slim announce caller names,
etc. this has been a show stopper. If you are lucky, your messages may be
long enough to avoid the problem.

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If you're on windows, you could use xAP to report new/number of emails on
the squeezebox display.

You would need (these require .net to be running on your PC):

d=5> hub

d=25> connector

d=40> monitor

d=42> email OSD

all available from <>

All are available in a variety of console, GUI and service versions.

To set up the slimserver connector, you input the server PC's IP
address/name. (there are a few more options but that should do it).

The POP3 takes a POP3 mailbox, username and password. This can be set to
poll as frequent or in infrequently as you like, I use every two minutes. It
can be set to send a "total" number of emails periodically, with the mailbox
contents strung together into a chain of OSD messages.

The new email OSD and hub probably wouldn't need any configuration. The hub
is needed to enable more than one xAP application to run on one PC.

If you wanted to push this information to a PC monitor, you could install
xAP <> desktop

Any use to you?


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Subject: [slim] Using squeezebox for my voicemail

> Hi,
> My telephone company can send my voicemail to my email-address. I've
> enabled that this morning, so now I get an email from them with a
> wav-file when someone leaves a message on my voicemail.
> What I'd like to have, is that my squeezebox (when turned off) tell me
> how much voicemail I have, and that I can listen to the messages as
> well.
> Has anyone already implemented some things for this? I'm now writing a
> script to extract the message and convert it to 44.1kHz stereo wav
> somewhere in my music tree. I saw a script that talked through the
> commandline-interface to play a wav and then continue with the current
> song, so that leaves the 'inform about how many messages there are'.
> Any hints or tips greatly appreciated,
> Chris Niekel