Regarding the remote that is missing with this product vs. a
Squeezebox, I expect that Apple may introduce a 802.11g iPod that has
the ability to stream to this device. It would require some real
effort, but if they could do it, boy, that would be pretty powerful.
You take your iPod with you to a location and as you enter proximity
of the Airport Express product you can select it to stream to (though
there would need to be some password protection, etc.). Then when
you're home or pull the car into the garage you can automatically
sync with the your main server. And when you're controlling a
system, your remote IS the iPod and you have a great interface in
your hand to make changes to what you're playing.

So, what are the problems with this theory?
1. Expensive. This would require a good amount of processing power
and a 802.11g NIC, a sufficient battery and more advanced interface.
I'm sure this could be done, it's just whether it's cost effective.
2. Goes against strategy. While Apple may be able to make this
happen, it drives the user away from the "digital hub" that is the
Mac. Of course Apple may just be happy selling more iPods to the
cross-platform group.

All-in-all, it's not a bad product (yes, the mini-jack optical/analog
connection has been in use for a decade or more on Mini Disc players,
CD players and other devices) for the money (not forgetting it does
have 802.11g, printer, sharing, wireless bridging, wireless access
point and is tiny), but I certainly want to have a good way to
control my music from the couch and I love my Squeezebox for that.
I'll be interested to see how this evolves. I certainly can see how
someone might be able to make a web interface for the system and
control it via a Pocket PC or other web-capable portable wi-fi
device...but that's going to be a lot of money if you dedicate the
hardware to that function...ok, this is the Slim Devices list, but I
thought it was worth saying. I do see that there will be evolution
beyond what the Squeezebox can do, but I'm sure there's a Squeezebox
successor in the works!! :-D