As far as I'm aware, there is no problem with the network. Signal
strength is usually indicated as good.

It's not possible to reproduce the problem inasmuch as I can't predict
when the next gap will occur, but gaps to do occur every time I play
music so it is reproducible from in that respect.

I have the scan interval set to 600 seconds and the gaps are definitely
not occurring with that regularity. I don't know what would cause a
heavy load on the web interface. Often, if I alt-tab out of the server
and then back in, it doesn't repaint the screen until the current song
finishes. Also, after I've been playing music for a while, I lose the
ability to access the web via a browser - everything is "page not
found". I can sometimes fix this by shutting the server down; other
times I need to reboot.

I did notice that netstat lists about 15-20 connections on port 9000. I
don't know if that is expected behaviour.


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This is definitely not right and is a serious problem. Intermittent
networks, usually wireless interruptions, are the most common cause for

The CPU overhead problem is a new one for me, but could be related to
loading from scanning your music library or heavy load on the web
interface. Is there a reliable way to reproduce this problem?


On Jun 7, 2004, at 4:12 PM, Robert Wallace wrote:

> Keith,
> I stream flac (converted to wav by Slimserver) and I see this as well.

> This
> is a recent occurrence - it didn't happen on earlier builds, but I
> don't
> know exactly when it started. I've got the same setup you have.
> In any case, there is a resource contention: If Slimserver is
> grabbing 100%
> CPU, then it doing something other than pushing bits out the ethernet
> port
> and during that busy period the Squeezebox buffer empties. Note that
> Slimserver's normal music serving doesn't require near that much CPU.
> What's Slimserver doing at that moment in time? I don't know, but

> problem and the back-from-the-dead Pause problem are rather serious,
> in my
> opinion.
> Robert
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> Hi,
> I'm experiencing random gaps when playing songs. They last for a few
> seconds. The distribution is very random but it probably averages out
> to
> 1 every 10 to 15 minutes. I don't think it's a resource contention
> problem. Nothing else is grabbing bandwidth or CPU cycles. During the
> gap, the slim executable is using 100% CPU.
> Is this is a known problem? Are there any workarounds?
> Thanks,
> Keith
> Windows XP
> Server 5.1.6
> Player Firmware 23