Judging from the version number and the release date, the firmware I have installed is more recent than the one you indicated (mine is v.3.10, release date June 28, 2007, the one you indicated is v.3.02, release date April 4, 2007). Oddly, the firmware you indicated appears to be the latest one available on the link you provided (D-link UK site), while the one I currently use appears to be the latest one available on the D-link Italian site:


That is definitely strange. I'm not changing the fw however, because I believe mine is more recent, and also because the fw you indicated is marked as a beta release on the UK site, and I sure don't want anything beta messing around in my modem...

If you have any alternative configuration suggestions for my modem or my router, I'll certainly try them out. Otherwise, I guess I'll just keep experimenting with the wireless channels.