I have Squeezecenter 7.3.2 running on Windows.
I have Squeezebox 3 classic connected to it.
I want to play web radio streams on my Squeezebox connected to my Squeezecenter.

My Squeezebox won't play streams (mp3) from the web (http://broadcast.infomaniak.ch/rsr-couleur3-high.mp3 for example), nor localy (http://localhost/streamp.mp3) although both would play flawlessly in any player (Winamp, VLC or such).
I extended time out to maximum of 60 seconds in settings but streams time out wether I control directly from SqueezeBox or SqueezeCenter.

Strangest thing is that they would both play perfectly with SoftSqueeze.

There seem to be a streaming problem from SqueezeCenter to SqueezeBox, but local music from librery plays fine, and RSS feeds display fine on SqueezeBox screen.

Any idea please?

Jerome, from Paris, FR.