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    Squeezebox vs. Roku

    I've had a Roku Soundbridge for 4 or 5 years and have always been pretty happy with it. However, it has started acting up a bit (just losing access to my network), and I am thinking about replacing it. Given that the Soundbridge line seems to be dying (Roku has acknowledged that they aren't really supporting it any longer and will likely discontinue it completely by the end of the year), I'm thinking about getting a Squeezebox.

    Any thoughts?

    Is it stable? Does it work regularly? Any problems with Vista or iTunes or certain routers, etc? While the Soundbridge has been great once I got it running, it seems like I've constantly had to fix things to make it work right.

    Any other comments?

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    Same here.Had a Roku Soundbridge for a few years, and loved it, until one day it died. I discovered the Squeezebox Duet, and while it's more expensive than the Roku, it's worth every dollar! It runs circles around the Roku in features, can do EVERYTHING the Roku ever did and can do much, much more.

    No problems with Vista, no changes required on my router to get it working. It just started working after I plugged it in and did a very simple setup.

    My girlfriend, who is illiterate when it comes to tech, can operated the Duet Controller.

    I was so impressed that I just bought a Boom and put it on the patio. I synchronize the Receiver to the Boom and the music flows through the entire house.

    Don't hesitate to get the Squeezebox. And yes, Roku has essentially discontinued the Soundbridge line, so the support will dry up one day.

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    Making switch too

    Add me too the list of switchers. I found the learning curve for the Squeezebox (I have the classic) is higher than the Soundbridge, but it does do more and it's VERY actively supported by Logitech. Their tech support is just amazing.

    The SB net connection is rock solid compared to the Roku. I don't have strong wireless in the kitchen and the Roku would always "fall off" the network, requiring a resent of the router. I have not had this problem in the month I've had the SB - it just works.

    I like that I can add podcasts to favorites on the SB and not actually have to download them. I also think the sound quality of the Classic is a little cleaner than the Roku.

    FYI - It looks like SB is about to introduce a new "touch" model (see other threads here), so if your shopping, you may want to wait a bit.

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