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    Quote Originally Posted by Muele View Post
    Before abandoning this thread entirely I will post a small coment to some of my own predictions.

    After all I was wrong for the most part, but I also was right in some little parts, as the Classic is being discontinued.
    And the fact that I was proven wrong in other aspects just makes me glad.
    Especially that it will be able to run TinySC excites me very much. By the time we finish building a new living room on the second floor, the Touch and SBS 8.0 will be ready and then i will most definately get one for it. And even the missus will support the purchase for being able to remove the musicserver and serve as a basic NAS as well. I don't need the WebUI and never transcode anyway.

    What a laugh the developers and beta tester must have had reading this thread.
    It's easy to be wrong when it's mostly just speculation fueled by incomplete and sometimes incorrect information. It is apparently harder to admit it (witness this). Hats off to you Muele for coming forward with this, and hope you enjoy your new Touch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Webster View Post
    Can anyone update the wiki with the Radio and Touch? I would be interested to see some of the hardware specific stuff (so far I have only seen the spec on the DAC in other threads)

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    Finding out that it runs SqueezeCenter direct from the device itself makes me want to buy a new car so I can install it in it. Originally I was planning on installing a carputer, but this is *much* easier!
    Well done, Logitech!
    2x Squeezebox Classics | 2x Squeezebox Booms | 2x Squeezebox Receivers | 1x Raspberry Pi 2 B w/ piCorePlayer, 7" touch screen (IQAudio DAC+ now deprecated in favour of Receiver) | OrangeSqueeze as Android controller
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    oooh SQueezebox touch in a car would be awesome!!
    Not sure how the wife would react to me butchering our car trying to install one though.
    Might be a job for a professional installer.
    Matt Parry-logitech employee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Webster View Post
    Looks like the Wiki needs an update to include Radio and Touch!
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