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    Squeezecenter and webradio streaming, any problem?


    I have Squeezecenter 7.3.2 running on Windows.
    I have Squeezebox 3 classic connected to it.
    I want to play web radio streams on my Squeezebox connected to my Squeezecenter.

    My Squeezebox won't play streams (mp3) from the web (http://broadcast.infomaniak.ch/rsr-couleur3-high.mp3 for example), nor localy (http://localhost/streamp.mp3) although both would play flawlessly in any player (Winamp, VLC or such).
    I extended time out to maximum of 60 seconds in settings but streams time out wether I control directly from SqueezeBox or SqueezeCenter.

    Strangest thing is that they would both play perfectly with SoftSqueeze.

    There seem to be a streaming problem from SqueezeCenter to SqueezeBox, but local music from librery plays fine, and RSS feeds display fine on SqueezeBox screen.

    Any idea please?

    Jerome, from Paris, FR.

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    Does your SqueezeCenter "server.log" give any clues as to what may be wrong? Look in the log for entries around the time you tried to play an MP3 stream.
    Squeezebox Controller (fw r6038) + Squeezebox Receiver (fw 62) + 1TB fileserver, Windows XP SP3, running SqueezeCenter 7.3.4

    Download SC 7.3.4 from here: http://downloads.slimdevices.com/nightly/?ver=7.3

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    If local library plays OK but web radio doesn't then your SB3 does not have direct access to internet (e.g. check if SB3 can access squeezenetwork directly) and SB3 needs direct access for web radio. Either router is blocking SB3 or the SB3 has been incorrectly configured (e.g. gateway address is wrong).

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