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    Getting closer...

    Hi again!

    I have had problems installing squeezecenter, but now its running
    and Vagskal made a great job making even me understand!!!

    However, when trying to play it keeps connecting and eventually buffers but it takes a verrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy llllooooooooong time, and theres no music.

    Spotify stuff: The tray is green

    Squeezecenter: I can only make it work by clicking squeezecenter.exe in the programs location not anywhere else. I have tried to use both localhost adress and my ip adress. The first doesnt work at all.

    CHP is a hero!! I just want this to get going!!

    Anybody out there that have any ideas??

    regards Pierre

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    I think Im gonna get myself a beer folks,
    have a nice day and thanks for this splendid thing.

    "I have tested 320kbps by tweaking the configuration file and it works great. I am however leaving it at 192kbps per default, but it's an easy change" -
    How do I change the bitrate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by avbryt View Post
    "I have tested 320kbps by tweaking the configuration file and it works great. I am however leaving it at 192kbps per default, but it's an easy change" -
    How do I change the bitrate?

    1. Open the file "dsbridge.ini" with your editor of choice (Notepad works fine).
    2. Change the value for MP3BitRate to what you want to change the bitrate to.
    3. Save the dsbridge.ini.
    4. Restart Spotify.

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    Thank you baz!

    Opened the dsbridge.ini file and the bitrate is 320. So theres no need to change it to a higher bitrate as the soundquality is at its best already.


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    Quote Originally Posted by vagskal View Post
    It is quite simple on Windows:

    1. Close Spotify (right click on the Spotify tray icon and select Exit).

    2. Find your Spotify folder (where spotify.exe is). It is usually under C:/Program/Spotify/.

    3. Download DSBridge from http://dsbridge.googlecode.com/files...090707-bin.zip. Put the files "DSound.dll" and "dsbridge.ini" in your Spotify folder.

    4. Find on the Internet the file "lame_enc.dll", preferably v. 3.98.2 (hint: http://www.free-codecs.com/Lame_Encoder_download.htm). Put the file "lame_enc.dll" in your Spotify folder.

    5. Start Spotify and play something. You will notice a new tray icon.

    6. Go to your web browser and open SqueezeCenter (you will need a computer running SqueezeCenter to use DSBridge, I think). Go to Favourites and choose Edit. Choose New Favourite and type a name for the favourite (i.e. Spotify). If you are running Spotify on the same PC as SqueezeCenter: Type "http://localhost:8124/" as the url for your new favourite. - If you are running SqueezeCenter and Spotify on separate machines on a local network, you will have to find the IP address (on your local network, something like 192.168.....) of the machine running Spotify and type that instead of "localhost".

    7. "Play" the new Spotify favourite, via the web interface or iPeng, and whatever is playing on Spotify will play on your SB3.

    Good luck!
    Thanks for the step-by-step instructions. Did that, but I get the "connection timed out" on the SB. Any suggestions ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir G View Post
    Thanks for the step-by-step instructions. Did that, but I get the "connection timed out" on the SB. Any suggestions ?
    Thanks, but I am just an enthusiastic user of this excellent utility, not the author, so I really do not know what the problem might be for you.

    Some guesswork:

    1. Double check that you have the correct local IP-address of the computer running SqueezeCenter and have set the correct port (the ":8124" part), see item 6 on the list.

    2. If you are running and Spotify on the same PC, substitute nevertheless "localhost" for the local IP-address of the PC.

    3. Check if there is any software or hardware firewall blocking port 8124. If you are running and Spotify on different machines, you might have to set your router to allow connections on port 8124 to the machine running Spotify.

    Good luck!
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    Hey chp, I just wanted to say thanks a lot for your efforts working on this and for sharing it with us. Hopefully one day Logitech and Spotify will give us an official plugin that allows full control with our remotes. But until then its great to have a working option!


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    Chp you are a legend....Vagskal you are the ultimate sidekick!

    Like God and Jesus, Batman and Robin, Burns and Smithers.....awesome!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much.......parties will never be the same again.

    Even better, I set up three Spotify accounts and can listen to different accounts on different floors of the house using different laptops/netbooks. Or we can synchronise three SBs over the house.

    The netbooks make a great remote control that also have internet access.....

    Now, if we can get DSBridge to work on an iPhone, we won't need full integration between Spotify and SB so desperately.........

    P.S. Upstairs in my office I am using a bitrate of '8192' Kbps and pushing this through a system which includes a Cyrus VS.2 pre amp and an 8 Power power amp with B&W 684s and high end Chord Company cables. Sound great at this bitrate and so much better than by Squeezebox running internet radio. My PC is an ASUS Laptop with Intel Core2Duo CPU P8400 @2.26GHz and 4GB of memory. No drop outs and very little buffering. My netbooks are using a bitrate of '3072' Kbps with very little buffering and no drop outs.
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    Is there a way to get this running on a Mac?

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    Hi everyone,

    found this thread, read it and started thinking.

    Big thanks to the guys made this possible, i can now play iTunes and Spotify on my PS3, through these files together with "PS3 media server".

    I've been trying everything before this, hi-jacking audio-out and reversing it to Audio-in both through hardware with a wire on the back panel and software with no luck. But this just worked. Thanks again....

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